1. Rules of using the web page www.salas-zivis.com LLC "Salas Zivis", supports, coordinates and organize the work of homepage www.salas-zivis.com in text refered as "Portal". Portal user – any, atural or legal person, that visits or publicly registered on the Portal in accordance to  established procedures.

2. The copyright. The content (materials). Published and posted on the Portal, is protected by the copyright law, of the Republic of Latvia. Copying, changing, storing, archiving and full or partial publication of any materiāls published on the Portal, without the written permission of LLC  "Salas Zivis", is strictly prohibited.  

Use and protection data. 

    The user can not allow to use, his account to third person. 

    The user is responsible for all activities performed from his registered profile, for all the information posted, and for the confidentiality of password and profile. 

    The user does not have the right to take actions that treaten the security of system. In case of violations, LLC "Salas Zivis", has the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of service / deny access to the Portal without prior notice and explanation. 

3. Other provisions. The portal is not responsible of for any technical problem and changes of the user’s information in the Portal as a result of unauthorized Access by another person. The Portal is not responsible for any damage caused to users. The rules of using the home page are mandatory for every user of the Portal, regardless of whether the user registered an account on the Portal or not. The Portal has the right to change these rules at any time and these changes comes into force from the moment they were publiced on the Portal. If the user, does not follow these rules, depending of the nature of the consequence of the violation the offender is attracted to civil, administrative or criminal liability in accordance to the law. 

If  LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" decides to amend these rules or privacy policy, LLC "SALAS ZIVIS" will notify about changes on the Portal.

If user wishes to use materials available on the Portal, he/she must contact representative of  LLC "SALAS ZIVIS", by using the feedback form.